HDMI M/HDMI F Convertor (L SHAP)



Side 1: HDMI Female

Side 2: HDMI Male

Housing: Black, PVC

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  • This HDMI A Male to HDMI A Female adaptor with 90 degree angle can be used connect HDMI cables to HDMI devices when the space between HDMI device and wall is narrow.
  • With gold-plated contacts, the angle adapter is ideal for a transmission. With as compact a design as possible, it fits perfectly in the place where HDMI cables should be laid as space-saving as possible.
  • Compatible with all HDMI cables, works for any devices that has HDMI port, also the best choice for connecting TV stick to TV, like Roku.
  • 90 Degree Right Angle HDMI Adapter Male to Female, 90 Degree HDMI Bend, L-Shaped HDMI Jointer
  • The cable is made of a PVC outer layer that protects from physical strain, external interference and maintains efficiency of the digital signal
  • Connector Finish: Gold-Plated


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