HDMI MALE FEMALE Extension Cable 0.3M


  • Supports Transfer Rates of Up to 340Mhz or 10.2gbps
  • Full 3D Support
  • Plug and Play
  • 24k Gold-Plated Connectors
  • Wide Compatibility
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High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is the first industry-supported, UNCOMPRESSED audio/video interface. This cable connects HDMI devices for DVD, satellite boxes, LCD, projectors, plasma, and HDTVs.HDMI provides an interface between any HDMI-enabled audio/video source, such as a set-top box, DVD player, and A/V receiver and an audio and/or video monitor or projector.

Extend your existing HDMI cables between your Ultra 4K TV (UHD TV), HDTV, Monitor, or Projector and HDMI source devices such as Blu-ray player, Computer, AV receiver, Apple TV, Roku streaming media player, Cable Box, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4/5 or Xbox Series X / Series S.

HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards and supports 8-channel digital audio, with bandwidth to spare to accommodate future enhancements and requirements.

HDMI extender cable goes many times testing to ensure that it consistently provides a steady signal connection with stable streaming, vibrant colors, clear and sharp imaging without flickering.


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