REMAX RC-102m Micro USB Zigie Series Magnet Connection Data Cable


  • Made of high-quality materials with braided nylon cord and aluminum plugs shell.
  • Durable, elegant and tear resistant.
  • The magnetic design and double-sided USB plug enable easy alignment and automatic connection.
  • It’s simple to use by single hand and thanks to LED light even in the dark.
  • Also, plugs can be switched freely so you can charge any type of device (as long as you have a right plug)
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Easy to use, can be operated with one hand, regardless of positive and negative, free to insert, the error rate is reduced to zero, even if the 3-year-old child cannot be inserted wrong, very suitable for driving, sleeping and other life scenarios.

2. The magnetic head can play three anti-effects, dustproof, waterproof and wear-resistant.

3. Interface is widely used in mainstream models

4. Slim size and miniaturization are widely used. Different from the traditional data line interface common in life, the new magnetic data line interface is slimmed down in size. Even if the mobile phone has a mobile phone case, the magnetic data cable is also suitable for 90%. The mobile phone case can be used directly without removing the cover, so it is suitable for use in an increasingly small-sized electronic product device, and can withstand repeated insertion and removal of more than 10,000.

5. Fast transmission speed, perfect compatible with mobile phone data transmission.


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