USB Flip Pen PP1000 Presenter


  • Red Laser pointer for easy and enhanced presentations
  • RF 2.4GHZ Technology & USB receiver type
  • Page down and page up buttons
  • Lock/unlock switch
  • Page-turning Support
  • Battery operated (1 x 23A)
  • Remote control range – 15 meters
  • In the pack: 1 ×
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  • Red Laser pointer for easy and enhanced presentations
  • With the easy-to-use PP-1000 Red Laser Pointer, you are in
    firm control of your presentation, getting the easy flow you want and getting
    to make the impact you desire. The wireless presenter lets you control the flow
    of your presentation materials, just by a touch of the button, and to highlight
    key points of your presentation, you have the red laser beam to point them out.
  • Enhance your effectiveness with a red laser pointer that
    helps you highlight points you’ll like your audience to take special note of
    the PP-1000 Wireless Presenter, is a convenient, handy, pen-sized laser pointer
    that brings easy control for convenience, flexible presentations.
  • The Presenter has controls to page-up, page-down, lock, or
    unlocks when you present your materials. You also get more control of your
    PowerPoint slides. With over 15 meters range effectiveness, of the PP-1000 Red
    laser pointer, you have the freedom to move and flow with your presentation.
    You are also able to deliver without much need for assistance or undue effort
    on your part. Simply push the buttons and get your stuff rolling as you want.
  • This device is battery-operated and comes with a beautiful
    carrying case.


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